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Training Program

The following courses are delivered to corporate employees only.  

Real Sitecore Development Bootcamp

Duration: 5 Days

Leveraging the experience of TechGuilds’ Sitecore MVPs, Senior Developers, Project Management and Support Team, comes this 1 week deep-dive, real-world, course for .NET developers expanding their toolset into the Sitecore universe.

The Real Sitecore Development Bootcamp is designed to provide software developers with the skills they need to architect and deliver successful Sitecore features and projects. 

Participants will learn how to break down requirements into components; understand estimation, learn best practices for Sitecore development, explore the various options for Sitecore implementation; understand deployment of Sitecore code/solutions, and master the solution management process. 

Additionally, attendees will be introduced to leading development technologies, methodologies and principles such as Helix, MVC, SDLC, Git, TDS, JIRA, and of course Sitecore’s terminology. By the end of the bootcamp attendees will be able to create pages and Sitecore (MVC) components and deploy a complete website.


Course Highlights:


- Sitecore Application Architecture & Components 
- Sitecore IA Best Practices
- Sitecore Development Tools (Front to Back)
- Cross-Functional Team Considerations
- Deployment and Solution Management
- Data Templates & Content Structure
- Configuring Sitecore Multisites
- Navigation Best Practices
- Building for Personalisation and Analytics Tracking
- Implementing Search


- Build and Deploy a Simple Website – approximately two days in length

Typical Attendees:

- Programmers


The following course is to be delivered to corporate employees only. 

Sitecore XP
Soup to Nuts Training Syllabus 

Duration: 4 Days

Great Lakes is proud to offer this unique and highly sought-after Sitecore Experience Platform course for marketers and content managers or those looking to start a career in the Web-CMS and Digital Strategy fields. This course will take you beyond the fundamentals and includes extensive labs for practicing and honing your skills with the Sitecore Experience Platform. 

View the course highlights below and register for your deep-dive into Sitecore and leverage the full power of the industry’s leading marketing automation and customer experience platform.
In the Sitecore Soup to Nuts course, you will learn how to get started with content management, run effective marketing campaigns, demystify the multitude of digital tools and applications within the Sitecore Experience Platform as well has gain valuable, highly-desired skills on the Email Experience Manager (EXM), Sitecore Forms, Sitecore machine learning and use of its artificial intelligence engine Cortex.

By the end of the course you will be able to create the personalized experiences customers have come to expect from large brands like Amazon, Walmart, Honda, Netflix, Pizza Hut and Ikea.

Course Highlights:

- Sitecore Content Management Deep-dive tips and tricks
- A/B and Multivariate Testing
- Personalisation Simulations
- Personas in the Sitecore context 
- Analytics and Reporting
- Email Experience Manager (EXM)
- Sitecore Forms
- Marketing Automation



- Personalization
- A/B Testing
- Tracking PDF Downloads
- Creating Personalized Email Campaigns
- Run and Measure an Omni-channel Campaign's Effectiveness

Typical Attendees:

- Content Authors, Marketing Professionals, Systems Support, Systems Administrators, and Business Analysts.

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